Best fine dining lunch in Singapore

The best fine dining restaurant in Singapore for those who like the finer things in life or are looking for a truly memorable dining experience. The best fine dining restaurant in Singapore and also fine dining restaurant in Singapore is one that offers a world of choices from the finest wines and spirits to the most delicious local and international cuisines, as well as an elegant setting and impeccable service. Here are some given below


Located on the 40th level of the CapitaGreen building, Artemis is the ideal lunch location when you want to make an impression. Grab a seat close to the floor-to-ceiling windows in the cool, air-conditioned interior or at a table on the terrace for some fresh, healthy Mediterranean food. The set lunch includes seasonal meals cooked with organic, sustainable ingredients in your choice of two or three courses.


There are worse locations you might visit at lunchtime in the Keong Saik neighborhood than Cure. The menus here frequently change based on what's available that is both fresh and in season, making the food here completely unique and always changing. Currently, the set lunch menus include tempting dishes like ham with pineapple and lardo, white asparagus with burrata and pear, and steamed fish with fennel and garlic leaf.

Fleur de Sel

At Fleur de Sel, a delightful French bistro-style restaurant located in a shophouse on Tras Street, treat yourself to a little midday luxury. Given that you get premium bites, the set lunch menu prices are fairly fair. The foie gras with caramelized green apple, the Boston lobster bisque with lobster tartare, and the grass-fed Australian beef tenderloin with butternut squash, portobello mushrooms, and Cambodian green pepper sauce are just a few examples.